Transitioning from builder ownership to association ownership

Pinnacle Realty Services can work with your community association throughout the process of transitioning from builder/ developer ownership to association ownership. After assisting with the transition and election of homeowners to the board, PRS helps new board members assemble a professional team to monitor the various phases of the process.

PRS works with contracted engineers to identify and quantify any deviations from the approved building plans. This information is then reported to the association's attorney as backup and support as he or she works to develop a fair settlement regarding any deviations. PRS also works closely with the auditor to ensure that all funds due to the association are collected in an accurate and timely manner.

By thoroughly investigating all aspects of the transition process, PRS works to identify any transition-related issues that may arise and effectively resolves these issues to make the ownership transition as seamless as possible.

Assigned Community Manager

He or she helps Board Members (and all members, for that matter) handle the day-to-day needs of your ASSOCIATION. From paying bills and working with vendors, to the beautification of your property and maintaining compliance with governing documents, the Community Manager will help bring continuity and stability to your ASSOCIATION. An ASSOCIATION is a 24/7/365 operation and you need a managerial staff that will take care of your needs at a moment's notice.

Financial Management

Why have anyone short of the best management professionals handle your accounting? Let PRS assist you with your community accounting needs.

  • Annual Budget and Reserve Preparation
  • Financial Statements and Reports
  • Establish and Maintain Bank Accounts
  • Collect and Deposit Assessment Fees
  • Follow up on Delinquent Accounts
  • Timely Review and Payment of Obligations
  • Maintain Individual Owner Account Records

Physical Maintenance

Our experienced staff will insure that your property is maintained and improved at a level above industry standards

  • Develop Maintenance Specifications
  • Regular Property Inspections
  • Obtain and negotiate Bids, Proposals and Contracts
  • Monitor Contractors Performance

Administrative Services

When you call your community association management firm, you want action now, not days from now. PRS staff and resources are available when you need them. We're up to speed and ready to help.

  • General Administration of Association
  • Maintain Association Files and Records
  • Assist with Communications and Mail outs
  • Owner and Resident Rosters Maintained
  • Rules and Regulations Enforcement
  • General Correspondence
  • Resolve Owner Problems
  • Legal Counsel Liaison
  • Membership and Board Meetings
  • Annual Meeting and Election
  • Architectural Controls and Guidelines
  • Insurance Review and Administration
  • Document Disclosure for Resale


We think outside the box to create a sophisticated transition between new technology and traditional communication practices to reach more homeowners. Newsletters and other information can be sent via email, mail or Association web sites.

Consulting Services

PRS offers expert, professional advice to boards of directors, self-managed associations, developers, and builders on any topic or issue faced by common interest communities.

  • Special Assessments
  • Budget and Reserve Planning
  • Plan and Review Documents
  • Transition and Turn-Over

After personally interviewing five different management companies, three of them were asked to be interviewed by the Board of Trustees and it was unanimously agreed by the Trustees that Pinnacle Realty Services were very professional and would provide the services needed by the Trustees and assist the Trustees in anyway required.-Ruth C. Mann, President The Maples Community Services Association

Financial & Administrative

Pinnacle Realty Services sets up independent checking, savings, and money market accounts in order to help keep your association's finances streamlined.

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Building Repairs & Maintenance

PRS can help a community's board of directors determine the ongoing maintenance needs of an association and establish programs to meet those needs within the approved allowed budget.

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Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping

PRS uses its overall professional experience to help the board of directors choose a grounds service contractor that fits the needs and budget of the community.

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Capital Reserve Implementation

Staying up-to-date on reserve studies is so important for understanding what will be needed in terms of future replacements and repairs for the community.

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Personal Service

We personally take your calls and respond promptly.

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Emergency calls after hours are directly handled by PRS employees through an answering service..

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