Pinnacle Realty Services


Management means we.....

Hire, pay and supervise all persons necessary to properly maintain and operate our clients'properties.

Invoice for fees and other charges.

"We believe in quality, service, performance, and integrity."
Management means we.....

Sue for fees and other charges which may be or become due, and institute summary proceedings to recover possession; and when expedient, settle, compromise and release such actions or suits.

Review and pay bills received. Maintain books of account and render monthly statements of operations.

Perform periodic inspections of your property.

"Serving community associations for more than a decade."
Management means we.....

Attend to the needs of the community we service.

Keep our clients advised of the physical condition of their property and other items of which they should reasonably be made aware.

"Ready to meet your needs, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week."
Management means we.....

Cover all applicable employees with a fidelity bond in the amount of at least $100,000.

Cooperate with our client's accountants and auditors.

"Driven to exceed your expectations."